How to Apply for New Passport/Renew?

Nepali Ordinary Passport is issued for a period of 10 years (5 years of validity for minors of age below 10).

Applications for renewal passports can be made if:

  • The passport’s validity is less than 12 months
  • In case of accidental damage/loss of the passport or use of all the pages meant for visa.

Step-By-Step Process:

  1. Make an Appointment: To make an appointment, email good quality scans of the following documents to




1 Current Passport Current Passport (if applicable)
2 नागरिकता (Citizenship) नाबालक परिचयपत्र (Minor Identity) required only for RENEWAL
3 Hong Kong ID or Macao ID or Valid Visa Birth Certificate
4 Police Report if passport is lost Hong Kong ID or Valid Visa
5   Valid Marriage certificate of Parents
6   नागरिकता of both parents
7   Valid Passports of both parents
8   Hong Kong ID or valid visa of both parents

600/- HK$ under 10 years old (34 Pg) ||| 1200/- HK$ above 10 years old (34 Pg) ||| 2400/- HK$ for Lost/Damaged Passport (34 Pg)


*Any other documents as deemed necessary by the Consulate

2. Wait for Appointment: The documents provided will be checked by the Consulate and if approved, you will receive the date & time of your APPOINTMENT as well as a link for passport form on your email. Fill the form, complete all information and upload all required documents.

3. Live Enrolment: On the day & time of your appointment, bring all original documents and a printout of the completed form. After a brief wait, you will be called into the enrolment unit to have your photo, fingerprints and signature taken into the system. This is your last chance to ensure all your information is correct.

4. Wait for Passport: If the information provided by you is correct and complete, the passport application will be accepted. It usually takes a maximum 45-60 days for the passport to arrive in Hong Kong.

5. Collect Passport: Consulate will update its Facebook Page (click here) with a list of passports that are ready to collect. Please like and follow the Facebook page for regular updates from the Consulate. If your name and receipt number matches our list, please visit the Consulate between 2-5PM on working day to collect your passport.

  • ***Consulate does not provide fast track services for passport.
  • ***Applicants must be physically present for enrolment of passport.