NRN Card

Non-Resident Nepali

NRN Card
Required Documents:

  • Citizenship Certificate (original and photocopy) of the Applicant (British/HKSAR)
  • Passport (original and photocopy) of the Applicant (British/HKSAR)
  • Copy of Standard Letter issued from Consulate General of Nepal (Letter stating renouncement of Nepalese Citizenship).
  • Copy of Citizenship Certificate of Applicant’s parent (father/mother/grandfather/grandmother)
  • Document stating existing employment or business and monthly or annual income of the Applicant.
  • Any other document as deemed necessary by the Consulate.
  • Total 4 pp size photographs.
  • NRN Card processing time: 5 working days.
  • Fee: 4050 HKD (for British Citizenship holders)
    2110 HKD (for HKSAR Citizenship holders)