Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) Identity Card

How to Apply for Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) Identity Card?

Non-Resident Nepalis are defined by relevant laws as:

1. Foreign Citizens of Nepali Origin – individuals, who in the past were Nepali citizens themselves or their parents or grandparents were Nepali citizens, and now are citizens of foreign countries outside of SAARC region.

2. Nepali Citizens Residing Abroad – Nepali citizens who have been residing abroad (except SAARC region) for minimum of two years for employment or business.

NRN Identity card is given to the aforementioned individuals as per the process listed below.

Currently, the Consulate provides digitally printed NRN ID card.

  1. To apply for card, please visit this NRN ONLINE PORTAL and sign up.
  2. Fill out all necessary details and upload all necessary documents.
  3. Don’t forget to upload you photo and signature as well.
  4. All documents must be uploaded in the required format and dimensions/size. Otherwise, the application will not be accepted into the system.
  5. Once the online application is complete, please email Consulate at
  6. Consulate will check the application and verify it. After verification, the card will be printed.
  7. Please visit the Consulate with original documents to pick up the card (2-5 PM, working day).
    • Citizenship Certificate of the Applicant (British/HKSAR)
    • Passport of the Applicant (British/HKSAR)
    • Copy of Standard Letter issued from Consulate General of Nepal (Letter stating renouncement of Nepalese Citizenship).
    • Copy of Citizenship Certificate of Applicant’s parent (father/mother/grandfather/grandmother)
    • Document stating existing employment or business and monthly or annual income of the Applicant.
    • Any other document as deemed necessary by the Consulate.
    • Total 2 pp size photographs.
  8. NRN Card processing time: 5 working days.
  9. Fee: 4050 HKD (for British Citizenship holders) | 2110 HKD (for HKSAR Citizenship holders)