Required Documents:

  • Covering Letter addressed to the Consulate by the Employer or Macao/Hong Kong Agency briefly explaining the demand letter.
  • Quota Approval Letter from the Human Resource Bureau of the Government of Macao along with its English translation.
  • Demand Letter from the Employer Company to Macao/Hong Kong Agency.
  • Power of Attorney from the Employer Company to Macao/Hong Kong Agency.
  • Agreement between Employer Company and Macao/Hong Kong Agency.
  • Notarized demand letter between Macao/Hong Kong Agency and Nepal Agency (to be attested by Consulate General)
  • Notarized power of Attorney between Macao/Hong Kong Agency and Nepal Agency (to be attested by Consulate General)
  • Agreement between Macao/Hong Kong Agency and Nepal Agency.
  • A sample of Agreement between Nepal Agency and employee.
  • Declaration Letter (attested by Home Affairs Department of Hong Kong) by the Agent verifying the Demand Letter and Power of Attorney.
  • Valid ID copy of the Sponsor/Owner.
  • Valid Licence of the Company.
  • Valid Registration/Licence copy of Nepali Human Resource Agency and full contact of the owner.
  • Authorized person (Owner/HR Manager/PRO) of the company to submit and collect the documents.
  • Salary Sheet of the last three months and employment contract of at least 3 Nepali workers employed by the company.
  • Company and Accommodation observation Visit will be carried out by the Consulate prior to the demand verification.
  • Any other document as deemed necessary by the Consulate.
  • S.N. Number of Workers Attestation Fee (HKD) Remarks
    1 1-25 2350.00 HKD 800.00 will be charged for the correction of the document related to the Demand Letter
    2 26-100 2750.00
    3 100 above 3150.00
    4 Attestation of Power of Attorney of Demand Letter 400.00
    5 Attestation of Contract paper of Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong 400.00 (per person)
  • Processing time: 10 working days
    (Note: Form for Demand Letter Attestation can be collected from the Office or Can be downloaded below.)
  • Demand Letter Attestation


Required Documents:

  • Original and Photocopy of the document to be attested/verified.
  • Nepalese Citizenship Certificate (Original and photocopy)
  • Nepalese Passport (Original and photocopy)
  • Copy of Hong Kong Identity Card.
  • Additional documents on a case-by-case basis.
  • Fee: 400 HKD (Regular: within 7 working days)
    (Double Fee for Urgent: same day service)